Our Program includes –

  • Initial Evaluation and Review of history
  • Full Lab Screening
  • Pharmacogenetic testing to enable rational selection of appropriate medications
  • Adjunctive Psych evaluation and supportive treatment
  • Ongoing monitoring via urine drug screening to comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Assessment Using the “Advanced Dissolution, Absorption, Metabolism (ADAM)” Model
  • Instruction in the use of rescue Naloxone and other appropriate prescriptions to manage the side effects of Opioid therapy.


Denver Pain Management - Opioid Medical Management

Opioid Medical Management in the Denver Tech Center

Denver Pain Management in Denver Tech Center

Denver Pain Management Associates special focus is on:

  • Establishing and treating the actual source of pain
  • Addressing the complication of insomnia that frequently accompanies chronic pain
  • Addressing the Depression that frequently accompanies chronic pain.

Denver Pain Management Associates Pain Med Program is designed to be truly compliant with all regulatory mandates from the CDC, CPME, FDA, DEA, and published best practices guidelines.   This ensures maximum safety and effectiveness for each patient’s needs.

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Denver Pain Management Associates – Functional Recovery Through Personalized Pain Mgt

Opioid abuse is epidemic, however, deserving patients are being denied in situations where a monitored program of opioid therapy

would result in a higher quality of life. 

Our program:
Select Patients   - “right patient for the right problem” - no cookie cutter programs.
Careful assessment and monitoring of medications
Evaluate additional treatment options
Ensure patient safety and effectiveness of treatment