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Dr. Robert Wright

Dr Wright has dedicated his medical career to the treatment of Pain and restoration of function in patient experiencing a painful condition.  He trained in the classic multidisciplinary model where elements of physical therapy, medication management, behavioral therapy, and interventional treatment are balanced to achieve optimal functional restoration for the patient.  He founded Denver Pain Management in the early 1990’s, which has developed over time into an internationally recognized center for technical excellence and innovative therapy in the treatment of pain.

He is one of a small group of pain physicians to hold triple board certification in Pain Medicine through the American Board of Anesthesiology (CAQ), the American Board of Pain Medicine (DABPM), and the World Institute of Pain (FIPP).  As part of his commitment to the field, he has developed numerous new techniques and medical devices to improve the effectiveness and safety of many pain procedures.  He lectures and teaches courses internationally.  His most recent invention; the Nimbus device for radiofrequency ablation of a pain transmitting nerve, has been adopted internationally, and is recognized as the first real advance in this area for thirty years.

His commitment, accomplishments, and expertise have positioned Denver Pain Management to be at the forefront of providing the most up to date treatments to patients.  Denver Pain Management practices the full spectrum of pain Medicine and excels in the relief of difficult pain conditions.  

“The mission today, as it has been for nearly thirty years, is to improve the life of every patient we come into contact with, and [provide the pain control needed for functional recovery.”

While still on sabbatical from direct patient care, Dr Wright continues to teach pain therapy and formulate innovative Pain Management.

His career includes a substantial history of teaching at the Post Graduate Level.  Throughout his career he has taught thousands of doctors and is now concentrating  his extensive clinical experience on advancing the field with novel technology.