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Decreasing your pain and its impact on your personal and professional life is our first and foremost concern. We deliver a complete program of unique, “state of the art” pain control techniques to help you:

* Advance your functional ability
* Improve your emotional well-being
* Optimize your quality of life 

                                                                                                                                                       Denver Pain Management in Denver Tech Center

Currently DPMA believes that one of the major problem confronting pain sufferers is the evolving restrictive environment around opioid medications.  While we recognize the potential pitfalls of opioid therapy we strongly believe that opioids, when used correctly for the right patient with the right diagnosis combined with adjunctive treatments and careful monitoring contributes to worthwhile quality of life and is capable of restoring a patient to function in their professional and recreational activities 

To this end, Dr. Natkin is assuming the clinical direction of a state of the art program at DPMA to insure ongoing availability of appropriate pain medication management.

Dr. Natkin will be focusing specifically on identifying and if possible correcting the source of pain as well as addressing the complications of insomnia and depression associated with pain

DPMA – Multidimensional Pain Therapy

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Denver Pain Management in Denver Tech Center

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